Queensland resources boasts record trainee numbers

The latest data on Queensland’s apprentice and trainee numbers shows a record number of women are beginning their careers in the resources industry.

Queensland’s Department of Employment, Small Business and Training has confirmed that the number of women starting out in the sector has tripled over the past decade.

The completion rate for apprentices and trainees in Queensland resources is also sitting above the national average.

“Women now account for 35 per cent of total apprentice and trainee commencements in Queensland’s resources sector, up from 11 per cent 10 years ago,” Queensland Resources Council chief executive Ian Macfarlane said.

“In the same period, the percentage of Indigenous trainees and apprentices in the resources sector rose from 13 to 18 per cent, which we’re very pleased to see.

“Our industry is already the biggest private employer of Indigenous women and men in Queensland, and we want to continue to see these numbers grow.”

Macfarlane said that 85 per cent of females and 82 per cent of Indigenous men and women complete their courses while training for a resources career, setting the completion rate at 76 per cent.

“It’s great to see so many young people not only choosing to take up apprenticeships and traineeships in our sector but seeing them through to completion at such high rates,” Macfarlane said.

Young Australians will play a critical role in the resources sector’s transition to a decarbonised future, so these latest figures are very encouraging.”

This article originally appeared on Australian Mining.

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