Specsavers announces judges for 2023 Dame Mary Perkins Award

Specsavers has unveiled its panel of judges who will recognise an optometrist who has delivered an exceptional act of patient care in the Dame Mary Perkins Award 2023.

The distinguished judges – Ms Skye Cappuccio, CEO of Optometry Australia, Ms Carly Iles, CEO of Vision 2020 Australia, and Mr John Mulka, chair of Eye Health Aotearoa and chief executive of Blind Low Vision NZ – bring together a wealth of knowledge, expertise, and experience from across Australia and Aotearoa New Zealand.

The Dame Mary Perkins Award celebrates and recognises the positive impact Specsavers’ optometrists have on their patient’s life, whether it’s a lifestyle improvement through vision correction or a sight-saving act.

Iles said that while the awards have traditionally been won by optometrists who have saved the life or sight of their patients, she is keen to celebrate optometrists who deliver exceptional eyecare services to everyday patients.

“Dame Mary Perkins is well known for providing exceptional patient care. It is these traits I will be looking for in the nominees for the Dame Mary Perkins Award – someone who consistently puts patients first and goes above and beyond to deliver quality patient care and/or support to the local community,” Iles said.

Similarly, Mulka said that often the unsung heroes are the optometrists who are able to build trust and rapport with their patients, leading them to be more likely to return for timely eyecare services and adhere to any treatments they may require.

“Optometrists play a vital role in the prevention of avoidable vision loss. I’m very much looking forward to hearing the stories of optometrists who are going above and beyond to support their patients in protecting their sight and selecting the 2023 winners of these awards,” he said.

Cappuccio commended Specsavers for celebrating its optometrists in this way and is looking forward to reading the nominations.

“When organisations acknowledge and celebrate matters – it sends a message about what they value. Celebrating people and practices who go the extra mile to support their patients, not only motivates those rewarded to maintain their quality of patient care, but encourages, and gives permission, for others to do so too.”

Specsavers said the judges will meticulously review nominations from across Australia and New Zealand, searching for individuals who have made a tangible impact on patient outcomes, built strong relationships with their patients, or demonstrated exemplary dedication to the field.

The article originally appeared on Insight.

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