Meet Victorian Bioenergy Network’s new president

Victorian Bioenergy Network (VBN) has announced the appointment of Elizabeth Lewis-Gray as president. She brings a wealth of experience and a commitment to environmental sustainability, circular economy, and the advancement of biogas and bioenergy technologies.

“Australia and Victoria are well behind many other OECD countries in establishing infrastructure and producing bioenergy as a dispatchable renewable energy source,” Lewis-Gray said.

“In countries such as Sweden and Finland bioenergy produces around 25 per cent and 30 per cent of total energy supplies with significant growth of these sectors over the past decade and strong policy support from government.

“In Europe alone there are over 18,000 anaerobic digesters treating organic food and intensive agricultural waste as an example.”

Having studied economics, securities, and management, Lewis-Gray initially embarked on a successful career in capital markets and strategic planning.

Prior to her new role, Lewis-Gray served as a member of various committees and boards for Federal and State Governments including the Federal Government’s Innovation Australia Board and the National Precincts Board and the Victorian Resources Advisory Committee.

Her experience as the co-founder and Chair of Gaia EnviroTech has also established her as a leader in the field of organic waste management solutions and bioenergy.

Based in regional Victoria, Lewis-Gray understands the opportunity and multiple benefits that can be realised in Victoria from investing in bioenergy solutions such as decarbonisation, economic development, global competitiveness, waste management and soil enhancement.

The article originally appeared on Energy Today.

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