In today’s rapidly evolving world, the achievements of women across various industries deserve recognition and admiration.

Within Sewer Equipment Company Australia (SECA), a dynamic and innovative organisation, a group of exceptional women are making their mark.

With their unique skills, dedication, and passion, these women are playing pivotal roles in driving the company’s success.

Trenchless Australasia takes a closer look at the remarkable women working at SECA, and the contributions they make every day.

Among the exceptional women at SECA, the influential presence of the female co-owner must be highlighted.

Nicola Enz Quealy is the co-owner and Strategic Programs Manager. She guides the company towards one big goal, excellence.

As a co-owner, Enz Quealy brings a wealth of experience, leadership, and a strong entrepreneurial spirit to the organisation.

L–R: Helen Nguyen, Accounts Department, with Kristel Hudson, Marketing and Communications Lead.

Her vision and strategic direction has been instrumental in guiding the company’s growth and success.

Leesa Wright and Bernadette Bakulev are both Sales Support Coordinators and their skills empower the company from within.

Wright describes the trenchless industry as “helpful and inclusive”.

“Times have changed and it’s good to see women in trades,” she says.

As a woman in a male-dominated industry, Wright recommends others in the same case to “ask questions and don’t be shy to put yourself forward as a leader”.

Wright and Bakulev are the driving force behind the company’s sales operations.

With their exceptional communication skills and deep product knowledge, they effectively engage with customers, understand their requirements, and provide tailored solutions.

Their expertise ensures customer satisfaction fosters long-term relationships, and contributes to the company’s growth.

Sue Dawson, Key Accounts Manager, is all about nurturing strategic partnerships.Dawson plays a crucial role in maintaining and expanding SECA’s key customer relationships. All her working career has been in “the plumbing and trenchless industry”.

Bernadette Bakulev, Sales Support Coordinator at SECA.

“I love every minute of it,” she says. “I have always found that the men I have worked with are happy to work alongside other hard workers, regardless of gender.”

Dawson says her biggest achievement was being the first female on road sales representative in the plumbing industry.

With her extensive experience and strategic mindset, she ensures that customer’s needs are met, expectations are exceeded, and partnerships are nurtured.

Dawson’s ability to understand market trends and identify opportunities has helped the company remain at the forefront of the industry.

Kristel Hudson, Marketing and Communications Lead knows the power of crafting a strong brand presence.

Hudson is responsible for creating and implementing effective marketing strategies.

“Being a woman in a male-dominated industry has certainly had its challenges, but it has also been incredibly empowering,” she says.

“I’ve used them as fuel to prove myself and showcase my abilities.

“Over time, I’ve gained respect and built strong relationships with my colleagues, and I’m proud to contribute to breaking down gender barriers.”

L–R: Nicola Enz Quealy, Co-owner and Strategic Programs Manager and Jacqueline Alverez, People and Culture/Office Coordinator.

Hudson stumbled into the trenchless industry by chance seven years ago when she started as an administrative assistant and receptionist.

By working closely with accounts, she was able to progress and saw an opportunity to move into sales.

“I quickly became fascinated by the innovative technologies and solutions it offered, and gradually worked my way up to my current position as a marketing lead,” says Hudson.

Her creativity, analytical skills, and market insights has enabled her to develop compelling campaigns that highlight the company’s strengths and differentiate it from competitors.

Through her efforts, she enhances the brand’s visibility, increases market share, and drives business growth.

Hudson’s advice to other women looking to join the trenchless industry is to embrace their unique perspective and skills.

“Don’t be discouraged by the male-dominated nature of the field; instead, let it motivate you to excel,” she says.

Sue Dawson, SECA Key Accounts Manager.

“Seek out mentorship and networking opportunities, and never underestimate the power of your voice. By staying true to yourself and continually learning and growing, you can make a remarkable impact in this industry and inspire others to follow in your footsteps.”

Jacqueline Alverez, People and Culture/Office Coordinator knows how primordial it is to nurture a positive work environment.

The People and Culture/Office Coordinator plays a vital role in fostering a positive work environment at SECA.

With her exceptional organisational skills and interpersonal acumen, she ensures that employee well-being is prioritised and the company culture thrives. Alvarez plays a key role in organising events, promoting team building, and creating an inclusive workplace.

Last but not least, Thi Nguyen and Helen Nguyen, both employees of the Accounts Department, ensure financial stability.

Both of them are the guardians of financial stability and their meticulous attention to detail and expertise in financial management.

As a result, Thi and Helen have ensured the company’s financial records are accurate and up to date.

Through their efforts, they contribute to SECA’s overall financial health and assist in making informed business decisions.

The women working at SECA play indispensable roles in various aspects of the organisation.

From driving sales and managing key accounts to crafting compelling marketing campaigns, and nurturing a positive work environment, these exceptional women are instrumental in the SECA’s success.

Their expertise, dedication, and commitment to excellence serve as an inspiration to their colleagues and contribute to SECA standing as an industry leader.

The article originally appeared on Trenchless Australasia.

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