ABB unveils Unstoppable film series to underline the lives of women in industry and advocate for diversity

ABB is proud to announce the launch of its new film series: Unstoppable. This series aims to promote diversity and profile three remarkable female leaders in the mining, pulp and paper, and metals industries.

Unstoppable highlights the inspiring stories of three women who have broken down barriers and made significant contributions to their respective industries. Through this series, ABB aims to raise awareness of the importance of diversity and inclusion; and encourage more women to pursue careers in STEM fields.

The first film in the series features Marjorie Boles, Chief Information Officer at Sappi, a visionary in the pulp and paper industry who has transformed her company with her passion for digitalisation.

The second film profiles Tove Thelin Täckdal, Concentrating Plant Manager at Copperstone Resources, a trailblazer in the mining industry who has dedicated her career to promoting sustainability and innovation in the sector.

The final film highlights Chithra Sharma, Chief Commercial, Engineering and Projects for Capital Procurement at Tata Steel, a pioneering leader in the metals industry who has pushed boundaries and challenged the status quo to drive growth and competitiveness.

By shining a spotlight on strong female role models in industries where the greatest disparities exist, ABB aims to influence others to come forward and play a part in Unstoppable. The directors of the series hope to make a positive difference and bridge known gender gaps. According to the World Economic Forum, women make up only 22 percent of the global mining and metals workforce, underscoring the urgency to foster diversity and inclusion in this and many other traditionally male-dominated sectors.

“We’re not doing well enough to ensure diversity in our industries and know there are many dynamic career paths open to women,” said Joanne Woo, Global Head of Communications, Process Industries, ABB. “This is why we’re proud to launch the Unstoppable film series, which showcases the incredible achievements of women in industry.”

“The adage holds true: if you can see it, you can be it. Raising the visibility of women in industry is vital in breaking down gender stereotypes and showcasing role models. Through our series we aim to ignite a spark that will encourage others to join the movement towards a more diverse and inclusive workplace.”

“At ABB, we believe that diversity is a key driver of innovation and progress, and we are committed to promoting equal opportunities for all,” said Joachim Braun, President of Process Industries, ABB. “Our target is to double the representation of women in senior management positions at ABB by 2030.”

“Leadership must take responsibility for driving change in diversity and inclusion. It is not only a moral imperative but a business necessity. Leaders must actively work to hire, advance and support women in the workplace, and create a culture that empowers them to succeed.”

“Being unstoppable means constantly challenging the norm, breaking down barriers, and pushing past limitations to achieve success – not just for myself, but for the industry as a whole. Through my story, I hope to inspire more women to take on leadership roles and drive change in traditionally male-dominated industries,” said Chithra Sharma, Chief Commercial, Engineering and Projects for Capital Procurement at Tata Steel.

“Unstoppable is designed to be more than a film series. It is a call to action to drive greater diversity and inclusion in the workplace and an encouragement to others to follow in the footsteps of these incredible women. ABB invites everyone to join in the conversation and help create a more inclusive and diverse world,” said Joanne Woo.

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This article originally appeared on Energy Today.

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