Increase in female representation for Qld resources

The latest gender diversity data from the Queensland Resources Council (QRC) has shown an increase in female representation in the state’s resources sector.

According to the data released by the QRC, women now make up 22 per cent of the workforce, an increase from 20 per cent last year.

QRC chief executive Ian Macfarlane said the industry was making great strides to recruit and retain more women.

“The QRC’s latest gender diversity data for 2021-22 shows women are seizing the opportunity to work in the mining and energy sector with both hands,” he told attendees of the Resources Awards for Women in Brisbane.

“At a time when every industry in Australia is competing for skilled workers, initiatives to make our sector more flexible, diverse and inclusive are opening new doors for women to join or remain in our workforce.

“ABS figures show mine employees earn the highest average annual income in Australia, coming in at $130,000, so it’s great to see more women benefiting from the financial security offered by these well-paid and rewarding jobs.”

The report also shows a 10 per cent increase in the number of women working in non-traditional roles in the sector, and an 18 per cent increase in women working in trade roles.

The percentage of women employed in trade positions has risen by more than 450 per cent over the past seven years.

However, Macfarlane said more work needs to be done to hit the industry’s target of 30 per cent female participation by 2026.

“Research by the Workplace Gender Equality Agency has found more diverse workplaces are more productive, innovative and provide a more positive working environment for men and women, so resources companies are very motivated to continue down this path,” he said.

The winners of the Resources Awards for Women included:

  • Exceptional Woman in Queensland Resources – Melanie Cooper, Rio Tinto
  • Exceptional Young Woman in Queensland Resources – Daisy Ambach, Glencore
  • Exceptional Woman in Technological Innovation – Joana Sousa, BHP
  • Exceptional Tradeswomen/Technician/Operator – Jacqueline Kelly, Shell
  • Excellence in Diversity Programs and Performance – Rio Tinto
  • Exceptional Female QMEA Student – Zoe Delroy and Lianna Woodsbey
  • Inclusion and Diversity Champion – Larissa Walker, Shell.

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This feature first appeared in Australian Mining.

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