Mother of four Anita Skrzeczek was a jill of all trades the day Big Rigs saw her and her Hino light rig at Beaurepaires Tyre Depot at Portsmith in Cairns.

Skrzeczek, 35, works for Followmont Transport in Cairns and is normally a leading hand at their local warehouse, however as a great team player is willing to chip in to make sure they deliver for their customers.

“I have my licence for the smaller trucks and also a HR for the bigger trucks,” she said.

Of Polish descent, Skrzeczek was driving the forklift at Beaurepaires to unload the tyres and lift some empty pellets.

“I handle between 150 and 300 tyres a day and part of it is driving a forklift. They allow me to do my thing and I just love the road transport industry. I do local runs and have carried small freight like pharmaceutical items,” she said.

One of the Beaurepaire bosses Damien said that Skrzeczek did a great job.

“She really knows what she is doing and is well liked,” he said.

Skrzeczek said that males treated her very well there, as well as when she gets back to her leading hand duties at Followmont.

“I have about 20 males under me and they all respect me,” she said.

Skrzeczek added that Followmont also employed another female who had a HR licence.

Her children are aged two, nine, 11 and 17 and after the birth of the youngest, she took time out from work.

“But the industry is in my blood and Followmont took me back immediately and I have been with them for eight years. They are great to work for,” she said.

Skrzeczek got to have two weeks off over the festive break and is looking forward to what 2023 has in store with enthusiasm.

This feature first appeared in Big Rigs.

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