APGA’s President heralds in the New Year

APGA’s President heralds in the New Year

The Australian Pipelines and Gas Association’s (APGA) President, Donna McDowall, touches on all that transpired over the course of 2022 in her address from the January edition of The Australian Pipeliner.

Happy New Year! A new year, a new commitment one would say, but as I write this, we have only had one APGA Christmas party so far and therefore I don’t think the usual pledges to get fit, eat healthy and consume less would have begun. However, they might be now, with one to also work less, as the ending of 2022 was at such a frenetic pace. But we are pipeliners, we are tough, and let’s face it, we like to get ‘stuff’ done.

At the end of 2022, APGA undertook research on people’s attitudes and sentiment towards gas and compared it to the same research we undertook at the end of 2021. After reading the report, I am confident that 2023 will be more positive for our industry. 

While our footprint on the ground still needs to have the right social license, communities are also being more realistic about the need for an energy mix and would prefer an underground energy transport system to an above ground alternate. Gas is gaining a positive perception for a ‘back-up plan’ and people feel it should be about personal choice for which energy to use. This is the voice of the consumer, and while we still have policy and economic triggers to overcome, it is with hope that these influencers can lead to a better and more realistic discussion.

With the ramp up of secretariat resources and the advocacy plan in full throttle for 2023, we can all do our part to educate and share the voice. We need to continue our research in alternate fuels, we need to increase the credibility of our role in decarbonisation, and we need to demonstrate our support in energy security and affordability.

The focus for the January edition of The Australian Pipeliner is on pipeline construction, coatings and linings, and rehab and repair. There is also a spread of images from Melbourne’s Christmas lunch.  

New South Wales takes centre stage as the Pipeliner explores projects in the area and the impact on the pipe and gas industry. 

Although already acknowledged, I wanted to say a final and personal thanks from the Board and wider members to some long-term active members who have put in a huge commitment and service supporting APGA. Stuart McLennan and Spencer MacSween for their roles on the WA Committee and the WA Golf Day, and Mark Fothergill and Richard McDonough for their leadership roles in the Research and Standards Committee. 

Lastly, I would also like to show appreciation for Peter Heffernan who wore many hats over the course of some 18 years in the secretariat, making sure we kept financially sound. Enjoy your retirement.  

Now it’s time to smash out 2023. Get after it!!’

Written by Donna McDowall, APGA President.

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This article originally appeared on The Australian Pipeliner.

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