Specialist pipeline infrastructure provider Interflow has welcomed two new members onto its executive team.

Tracy Black, Interflow’s new chief financial officer, just recently joined the company. With her strong history of developing people and businesses, Tracy also has a proven track record of improving processes and helping businesses meet their financial goals across a number of industries.

Tracy Keevers has also been announced as Interflow’s executive manager of their people and capability function.

Keevers has moved from her previous role as people experience manager, where she has already delivered on some of the company’s key initiatives in the development of its leaders. A strong history in HR has enabled Keevers to enhance people experience at interflow, and has equipped her with the skills to excel in her takeover of the company’s people strategy. The new role will cover workplace planning, payroll, diversity and inclusion, and the development of Interflow’s people.

Interflow has congratulated the two newest members of the executive team. Already known for its professional approach and delivery on challenging jobs in the industry, Interflow continues to meet the needs of projects, clients and staff.

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