SV CEO Miles resigns to follow parliamentary dream

Following two and half years as the CEO of Sustainability Victoria (SV) Claire Ferres Miles has resigned to run as a candidate in the upcoming federal election.

After joined SV in 2019, Miles has announced that she will run as an independent candidate for the seat of Casey.

From leading a co-designed restructure, to delivering transformative climate, energy and recycling programs, Claire’s determination for SV to be a driver of Victoria’s circular and climate resilient economy has never wavered. Also never wavering was her commitment to cultivating a culture of shared leadership and her focus on the people of SV – their health, wellbeing, and growth.

Even though Claire’s chapter with SV is coming to an end, her impact continues for the next decade through SV2030 – our organisational strategy for 2021-2030. Beyond that, it’s safe to say that we’ve all learned something from our time working with Claire, and we are braver, bolder, and more impactful as a result.

Claire’s final day with SV was on February 25, 2022 with an Interim CEO being appointed in the coming days.

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