Well known outback truckie Danyelle Haigh has just welcomed her dream truck as she gets set to start her next adventure in the Northern Territory.

Haigh, who runs Murranji Water Drilling with her husband Anthony Haigh, and travels to some of the most remote locations around Australia with their two sons, seven-year-old Heath and two-year-old Theo, is now behind the wheel of a shined up 2015 Mack Superliner.

The former nurse and regular on popular television show Outback Truckers picked up her Mack two months ago and had it painted by Mirror Finish [MFS].

She got it back last week, just in time for the family’s permanent move from the town of Allora in the Southern Downs Region of Queensland to a new property near Alice Springs that they will now call home.

“Today is the truck’s maiden voyage in pink from our house in Allora. We said goodbye to our house are on the way to our new home at Territory Grape Farm. I reckon I’ve been called up about 30 times, it’s definitely drawing a lot of attention. A few people are asking if they can get photos with it too,” she said.

“I’ve always wanted a Mack, I can’t even remember for how long. I grew an obsession with Macks. And it’s pink. But it’s an auto, so that’s totally different for me as well, I’ve been driving manual ever since I started in road trains, so still keep reaching for that gear stick.

“I could say she’s been reliable for now, but she hasn’t really been put to the test yet.”

As well as a new truck, new state and new home, the husband and wife team also plan to start a new business – in addition to their thriving (and very busy) water boring business.

“We will also be producing hay and crops, so will be carting hay too on top of Murranji Water Drilling. Next year will be a trial run so we can see how we go,” Haigh said.

“The place we’re moving to used to grow grapes, watermelons and lemons, but it’s pretty run down, so we’re researching so we can decide what it will have in store for us.”

Haigh added that 2021 has been a pretty hectic year, though they’ve had some extra time to wind down ahead of the new year. “We went home earlier this year because the house sold unexpectedly in just a week. We usually don’t go home until December but were back in Queensland by October. We’ll see how we go about getting some work underway in January.”

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