Meet the finalists of the Safety Advocacy Award

Safety is of utmost concern and this award highlights those individuals working actively to improve safety for their industry.
Proudly sponsored by BOC

BOC has been proudly supporting the Women in Industry Awards for the past seven years. The Awards encourage and recognise the success of women in industries that have traditionally been male-dominated including road transport, logistics, rail and bulk handling, infrastructure, mining and engineering. The calibre of nominees and winners each year demonstrates considerable leadership and commitment to their various sectors, and aligns with BOC’s focus on the pursuit of excellence in industry. BOC believes the Awards are an important event, and it’s critical companies continue to support the participation of women in industry and shine the light on the women who are true role models in leadership.

Ainsley Fish – Project Systems Representative, RoadTek / Department of Transport and Main Roads, QLD
Ainsley started her career in RoadTek in 2011 however, it would be another four years until she would find her calling. She is now the Project Systems Representative and has thrived in her new role. Ainsley has developed a high level of rapport with colleagues and subcontractors, and leaders across RoadTek and the Department of Transport and Main Roads with each role. Most recently, as the PSR for the Captain Cook Bridge (CCB) project where she continues to exceed expectations in all aspects of her position and those related to quality and safety. In addition to her responsibilities, Ainsley’s proactive attitude has seen her commence an Associate Degree in Engineering. Ainsley has taken on a personal commitment to going above and beyond in ensuring that the work crews remain safe while they’re on our projects.
Grace Kube – Graduate Process Engineer, Norske Skog
With Grace’s talents recognised she was given the role of a Graduate Process Engineer. In her new role Grace has been seconded to assist with the Boyer Mill’s Major Hazard Facility Safety case. She has been able to develop preventative controls for several safety issues. Grace has also developed safety procedures associated with new chemicals on site to ensure the safety of all workers and contractors using these chemicals. Grace is constantly looking for ways to improve processes for safety, quality, cost, and efficiency reasons. Grace has used her Leadership skills to assist in driving change in Norske Skog’s safety performance. She has promoted an awareness of the need to develop safety procedures that are clear and understandable for everyone involved in the task.
Merry Manton – Board Member, Transport Women Australia Limited
Merry Manton has been in the industry for over 40 years and has had many roles during those years. She was the first female elected to the Board of the Queensland Transport Association where she also held the role of Treasurer for a period. She is responsible for providing advice to transport companies to mitigate daily risk exposures that the transport industry experience. Throughout her career, she has pushed for better safety standards and has been a trailblazer for the women following in her footsteps. Merry has been mentoring, both officially and unofficially, assisting and pushing others to succeed while achieving her own success. Merry always takes the time to speak and mentor anyone in the industry who has a genuine wish to learn. Merry encourages newcomers in the industry to join associations, committees, and groups and to take those opportunities to learn.
Sabrina Sequeria – Project Engineer, Lighting Protection International
Sabrina is a Project Engineer at LPI who tracks products from the marketing phase, through to their engineering design, manufacture, sale, and then eventual end of life. She is a representative on the WHS Committee, where I fulfil an active role in maintaining the safety and wellbeing of many staff and visitors to our manufacturing sites. Sabrina is passionate about reducing non-value-added tasks in the workplace and empowering those around me to make best use of their skills. Sabrina has been a valued team member at LPI showing initiative and implementing her many years of experience to better the workplace.
Stephanie O’Dwyer – Manger Health, Wellbeing and Innovation, BlueScope Steel
Stephanie has led the implementation of BlueScope’s first Health and Wellbeing strategy, this has been a game changer for health and wellbeing at of our people at BlueScope. Steph has taken a different approach towards implementing the Health and Wellbeing strategy and rather than a top-down approach, Steph has led a grass roots approach by genuinely listening to what our frontline people and then tailoring programs to meet their requirements. In addition, Stephanie has also led several structures to ensure the sustainability of the program. She has shown a great level of change in the company where 650 people across the business have completed a mental health awareness session which has resulted in significant increase in awareness around mental health.

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