Komatsu to sponsor 2021 Women in Industry Awards

Women in Industry is pleased to announce Komatsu as the newest sponsor of the Awards in 2021.

Komatsu’s philosophy is passed down from generation to generation through their principles, strategies and the belief that Corporate Social Responsibility is part of their core business and the value they create. In regions across the globe, Komatsu continues to provide products and solutions which address social needs and give back to communities where they do business by leveraging skills and passion of their people.

They seek to play an active role in supporting the long-term success of society through sustainable efforts that reach far beyond Komatsu, which is why they have decided to sponsor the Social Leader of the Year category, recognising an individual who has significantly affected positive change within their local or regional community.

We are thrilled to be working with Komatsu to recognise even more outstanding women across industries this year.

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