Industry leader: Errin-Leigh Ebzery

Errin-Leigh Ebzery, Business Development Manager at Team Transport & Logistics, shares her perspective on working in the road transport industry.

Q: What first drew you to the commercial road transport industry?
A: I actually fell into it while chasing my dream job in sales. I ended up at a courier company selling its services and subsequently grew more attracted to larger freight and vehicles.

Q: What does a standard day for you look like?
A: I usually wake up at 4am and prepare myself for the day with exercise or a TED talk, then into the office to plan my day. I check our socials and emails, send off some quotes and proposals, then follow up on pending deals before hitting the road to visit clients. Some days it can be different as I have the ability and skills to operate in different divisions at my workplace. One day I could be answering phones and the next driving trucks or helping the workshop admin team or planning upcoming events.

Q: What has been a highlight for your career so far?
A: Reaching two long-term aspirations of gaining my Multi-Combination (MC) RoadRanger licence and winning Young Achiever Award at the Queensland Trucking Association (QTA) Awards presentation.

Q: What is the best thing about the transport industry?
A: It’s a guaranteed career path with many different avenues and opportunities. You will never be out of work no matter what you’ve done in transport. Every day is different and without exaggeration, it’s the backbone of our country.

Q: What do you think could be improved?
A: I could go on forever. More appreciation from light vehicle drivers of how well the vast majority of truck drivers manage their complex roles would be a good start. I would also like to see more done on gender equality and more programs and opportunities to help younger people enter the industry.

Q: What do female-driven events in commercial road transport mean to you?
A: They are everything. After every event I have attended I leave feeling so tall and strong. We all hype each other up and celebrate each other’s achievements – it’s amazing.

Q: How can people and companies in the transport industry better promote it as a career choice for women?
A: More employers should use the phrase ‘equal opportunity’ in their job ads. I have been seeing lately that people are posting job ads with that sentence. I think it’s great and suggested we add something like that to our ads. As for people promoting it, women on all socials just keep posting and being loud about their accomplishments; we are all watching, and we are proud!

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