CICA Project Engineer wins Women in Industry award

The 2019 Women in Industry Awards celebrated the women who lead, energise and inspire in their respective roles across various sectors including the crane industry.

Prime Creative Media Publisher, Christine Clancy, opened the event, stating that the business case for creating a workplace where women can thrive has never been stronger.

“At the micro level, data shows that companies with greater representation of women in leadership positions is associated with increased productivity.

“Studies in the US have found that greater gender balance among corporate leaders is associated with higher stock values and greater profitability.

“It is also found firms with mixed gender boards tend to out-perform all-male boards, and that Fortune 500 companies with the highest proportion of women on their boards performed significantly better than firms with the lowest proportion,” she said.

The Industry Advocacy Award recognises individuals who have helped shape a positive view of their industry and help create a policy change which benefits those working in the sector.

Master of Ceremonies and popular TV and radio personality, Leah McLeod, presented the award to Alice Edwards, Technical Project Engineer from the Crane Industry Council of Australia

Edwards won the award for her contributions to compliance and safety outcomes in the crane industry in Australia and internationally.

Her work has involved formulating industry guidance papers, position papers, the Crane Industry Code of Practice and industry standards.

In addition to the papers she has authored, Edwards also produced content for a new app to help crane operators assess ground conditions before setting up a crane.

She has advocated so successfully for the crane industry that she is now sought out by businesses and crane operators for guidance, and is invited to attend job sites to gain first-hand experience on work sites to even better represent the industry.

The panel of judges for this year’s event: Andrea Sosa Pintos (CSIRO), Gita Pendharkar (RMIT University), Jacquelene Brotherton (Transport Women Australia Limited) and Kushla Egan (WORK180).

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